Thursday, November 08, 2007

Batpug welcomes new sidekick

I've worked hard to cultivate an air of mystery, of intimidation. From my bat-like cowl to a flowing cape that lets me become one with the shadows, my entire crime-fighting persona is based on striking fear into the heart of Gotham's criminals. It's one thing to bring a street punk to justice; it's another thing entirely to have his fellow gang members give up a life of crime because of the sheer terror they see in their erstwhile partner in law-breaking. The nightmares of this creature of the night -- half pug, half bat. Perhaps a third muskrat. They don't know; that's the whole point. I swoop in from the night sky, administer justice and fear, and then vanish, leaving Gotham's tabloid rags to spread the sketchy details of my deeds.

Today, good citizens of Gotham, I have a new weapon in the fight against evildoers. For the first time, the Bark Knight does not ride alone. I welcome my new sidekick, Robin, to the fray. Because nothing is more terrifying than a puppy in a Speedo.