Friday, May 07, 2010

Robin caught in dicey situation

I don’t usually let Robin accompany me on late-night crime-fighting missions, especially on a school night. He’s just a puppy, after all. But last night, I made an exception. That’s because I had a credible tip about a van that would be transporting stolen goods. It started in the warehouse district and ended up in a dark alley near the waterfront. It was right next to the IHOP – love those pancakes. Anyway, we stealthily followed this truck and then watched four goons start to unload the goods.

I gave Robin the signal, and we swooped in on our Bat Ropes. I engaged two of the punks and quickly incapacitated them, one with my Bat Spray and another with a roundhouse kick to the face. Then I turned to see how Robin was doing with the other two, and what I saw was horrifying: He was chasing his tail, completely ignoring the perps. How embarrassing.


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